Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love Like A Sunset

So it's no secret that I'm ridiculously excited to see Somewhere. It comes out on my birthday in a few weeks, but I am getting more impatient every day. Last night we walked into the Arclight to see if we could get tickets for Black Swan, and as soon as I walked in I remembered that there was an Academy screening for it (starting in ten minutes) including a Q&A with Sofia after the film. Of course I'm no Academy member and the tickets were gone. Still, seeing the poster up and people in line to actually see it was pretty exciting.

Today I downloaded the screenplay and it just furthers my belief that Sofia Coppola is untouchable. She is pure perfection in line with Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow. Below are some of my favorite parts, namely the ones that are very L.A. and further her dedication to geography and sense of place in cinema.

Driving past Sunset Plaza in harsh sunlight. People hang out
at cafes. A Tom Ford billboard looms overhead.

He looks out the window as they drive up La Cienega, passing
the Beverly Center at sunset.

Johnny pulls up at a nice house in Hancock Park, dropping
Cleo at home.

He blows it off. They pull up and park at a Mall in the

They pull up to a small duplex on Fountain.

In the little hotel kitchen overlooking Sunset Blvd., Cleo
makes macaroni and cheese.

Johnny drives aimlessly through LA, down Mulholland.

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