Friday, January 6, 2012

Kim Free

My latest guest list is from Los Angels local Kim Free, who just released one of last year's most singularly beautiful records, Angel Shadow. For years Kim recorded and performed as Black Church, releasing several limited edition cassettes on various labels. Now recording under her own name, Kim's new work is filled with an enormous sense of calm and an equal feeling of wonder and clarity. Using primarily guitar, violin, and synth, along with her wide-eyed, echoing vocals, these songs sound personal, true to life, and more than anything: sincere.

One thing that strikes me about these songs is their sense of time, or rather of being lost in time. The record almost plays out in the same way as I imagine a perfectly quiet day in life to sound- even ending with Silver Screen as the perfect lullaby. Her violin songs in particular sound like faint flickers long-lost since the '20s, while her vocal songs have the dreaminess and immediacy of the early-80s Cherry Red/Crépuscule/Postcard/Factory Records sound. A truly gorgeous, heart-shaped record through and through- one I encourage you to spend some time with this year.

Angel Shadow
was released digitally on iTunes by LA's Fine, with a vinyl release forthcoming. Three songs from the record are available to listen to on Kim's Soundcloud. You can also find out more information on her official Facebook page.
Photos courtesy of Jeana Sohn, creator of Closet Visit.

Here is Kim's list, along with a mix she made of all ten tracks.


These are my ten favorite tracks from 2011. Hope you like them too, and happy 2012. Counting down:

10. Scheherazade - PANDA BEAR
9. Love Triangle - HTRK
8. Let Me See You - OCTO OCTA
7. Soft - WASHED OUT
6. John Is The Last Of A Dying Breed - RANGERS
5. A Love So Strong - MARIA MINERVA
4. Electric Chair - BLEACHED
3. Separator - RADIOHEAD
2. Into Black - BLOUSE
1. Wish You Were Mine - TERIUS NASH

My fave 10 tracks from 2011 by kimfree

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