Sunday, February 7, 2010

Les Actrices


I was just rewatching Synecdoche, New York. It hasn't been that long since I've last seen it, but when I saw the opening credits I was so impressed by the cast- I had completely forgotten how good it was. Halfway through I couldn't keep watching it anymore. There are three actresses in this movie that are just so good, so singular, and they're acting their hearts in every single scene. Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton, and Michelle Williams. These days you would be hard-pressed to find anyone better, let alone all in the same film.

Catherine Keener is so good at being real.. she's got this amazing voice and this sensibility that never cracks. I remember my favorite scene in Where The Wild Things are was with her in it. She can break your heart with her nylons.

I first fell in love with Samantha Morton in the all-time great Mister Lonely. She is so understated and has this incredibly quiet way of being. She is always so sweet and seems to have walked straight out of a fairy tale. She can break your heart with her smile.

Michelle Williams is so put-together and exudes that perfect mix of confidence and cool. She is so beautiful in this movie, and I just love listening to her speak. She can break your heart with her style.

The movie as a whole is very good.. Roger Ebert is crazy about it and must have seen it 100 times at this point! There are moments in it that seem too clever for their own good, but at the end you are left with such an overwhelming feeling of what you just saw. Maybe because what you just saw was life: full of boxes, full of characters, full of perception. I am always reminded of the truly great Jacques Tati film Playtime, if nothing else for its equally grand ambition and larger-than-life scale.

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