Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Elizabeth Fraser

This single came out so quietly with almost no press this past November. I first heard about it today. Elizabeth Fraser's solo debut was rumored to be released sometime in 2007, but for some reason never happened. The fact that these eight songs existed in some form somewhere only added to the anticipation. A website appeared mysteriously, but was never updated again until the release of this single. It goes without saying just how good of a song it is. It sounds Balkan, windswept, sorrowful but smooth, like a desert shadow, black birds flying across an Eastern sky. Accordion, ghost murmurs, echo, and a brand new language. The words do not sound the same as her Cocteau Twins days, they are from somewhere else entirely, someplace new. Without saying anything, she says so much.

The Thighpaulsandra remix is even more arid, more Renaissance, and more Arabic. A slow dance at the ends of the earth. A love story of lost time, forgotten and then found. It's been too long, Elizabeth. Show us what's inside of you. The world is waiting.

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