Monday, November 15, 2010

All Around

A few months ago, I published a list of eight of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Here's an update:


641 N Highland Ave

Seriously the best restaurant in the world. This place makes me feel so good and everything tastes like nothing you could ever imagine. It's always the same for me here: Nancy's Chopped Salad, Pane Bianco, and the Pizza Bianca. Eat your heart out.


1850 Industrial St

I finally made it to the elusive Church And State and it was well worth the wait. Everything was perfect. Downtown cool like nobody's business.

2128 Hillhurst Avenue

One of my very favorite places to go out in LA. Very cozy with a real modern old-school vibe. The food is great, the bar is great, and I will never forget the night I saw jj here.


3510 West Sunset Boulevard

The best Mexican food in town, this place is insane and incredible addictive. Everything just tastes that much better here, from the lemon guac, yummy salsa, and homemade hot sauce. I always get the burrito because its just so perfect I can't imagine anything better.


925 Montana Avenue

Forget the cool ocean breezes, this place is reason enough for a trek to the westside. Amazing lattes and the most delicious alfajores in the world.


1155 North Highland Avenue

Fresh, local, and atmospheric. A beautiful place to spend a night out. And since you're in the area, Free City is just around the corner.


2547 Hyperion Ave

Fresh pasta made daily, BYOW, and a candle-lit ambience just this side of dreamy.


1636 Silver Lake Blvd

Super delicious coffee, good music, and a real chill place to escape to. The tins their coffee and tea come in are extra-lavish, too.

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