Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Genesis To Everlasting

Musical Milestones

Genesis, 1963: Jackie DeShannon, Needles And Pins & When You Walk In The Room- the greatest vocal performances ever put to tape and the most heartbreaking and timeless songs ever written.

Hollywood, 1966: Jack Nitzsche and Judy Henske find the end of the world and its breaking point with Road to Nowhere and Dolphins In The Sea.

Memphis, 1968: Dusty went to Memphis and never came back.. at least not until Reputation.

London, 1968: Mick Jagger records Memo From Turner and the world has never been the same since.

Deep In The Void, 1969: On Illuminations, Buffy Sainte-Marie loses her voice to synthesizers, black magic, and that endless echo.

Woodstock, 1969: John & Beverly Martyn went down to Woodstock to play with The Band when Stormbringer was born.

West Berlin, 1976-1978: Bowie, Eno, and Iggy Pop turn up in nighttime streets to face the truth in trilogy form.

Muscle Shoals, 1978: Fuck electric, Dylan found evangelism and rhythm.

Burbank, 1981: Lindsey Buckingham catches a midwinter wave and comes up with Trouble.

Nassau, 1982: On Avalon, Roxy Music discovered true romance, worlds away, and the eternal chill.

London, 1990: With Screamadelica, Primal Scream turned Madchester into a rave- timeless, unforgettable, and a stone-cold classic.

New Orleans, 1995: On Wrecking Ball, Emmylou Harris finally goes cosmic.

Brooklyn, 1996: Foxy Brown. Ill Na Na. Married to The Firm.

Nashville, 1996: The ultimate perfectionist, Lucinda Williams scraps everything and starts all over again. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road is as close to perfect as they come.

Cassadaga, 1997: Deserter's Songs. Mercury Rev go back to Woodstock and return with the new old Americana- catskill mansions, all those endless ends, ghost trains out of town.. wavin' goodbye, not sayin' hello.

Malibu, 1998: Courtney Love finds Hollywood glamor, palm trees on fire, new beginnings, Echo & The Bunnymen, Stevie Nicks, and the salvation of a three-minute AM pop song.

Berlin, 2001: Annette Krebs turns inward, becomes a blank sheet of white paper, and leaves the rest of the world behind for Guitar Solo.

Chicago, 2003: Electrelane, The Power Out- forever trapped in the Tower of Babel.

Austin, 2003: Charalambides battle inner demons, end times, and waves of pedal steel to finish Joy Shapes on a terrifying and unforgettable lost evening.

Los Angeles, 2005: Goodbye Nashville- Lubbock or leave it, the Dixie Chicks go punk.

New York City, 2005: Beth Orton rounds up a brand new band- Jim O'Rourke and Tim Barnes for the devastating Comfort Of Strangers.

Reykjavik, 2006: Björk saves nothing but the human voice for Medúlla.

Dorset, 2006: PJ Harvey in grief, in death, in White Chalk hills that rot her bones.

Paris, 2006: Jarvis, Charlotte, and Air: 5:55 during the day, Darkel at night.

The Everlasting, 2009: Charlotte finds her eternal darkness in L.A. and leaves nothing but IRM behind.

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