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So far out there and just plain gone is the only way to describe LaBanna Bly's work as P.A.R.A. (Pre-Atlantean Ritual Artifacts). Apparently the girlfriend of James Ferraro (The Skaters, Snake Figures Fan, Acid Eagle, Pan Dolphinic Dawn, etc), but we all know how second-hand facts are for that troupe. Her sound is a black hole, a labyrinth of the occult and black magick, made out of bells, ritualistic vox, tape junk, and noise. Touchstones for this are many, though none can quite come close: the Manson Family jams, Patty Waters on acid, Buffy Sainte-Marie circa Illuminations, Angelblood unplugged, Kenneth Anger, Satya Sai's Oath CD, Zaïmph, Yoko Ono deep in the coven, and Erica Pomerance gone death metal. P.A.R.A. channels fourth world spirits, end times, and the in-between so perfectly and makes it all sound so beautiful. It's impossible to date her music because it sound so ancient and entirely from another world. When I'm in the mood I play her CDs back to back; they really are that good. So far she has released eight albums that I know of:

Dune Rider
Pentacles Of Life
Silk Sky
Space Brothers

They normally come a few at a time from New Age Discs and can be found at Volcanic Tongue, Eclipse, etc. I can't think of anyone else quite like her and she's always on my shortlist of people I can't wait to hear what's next from. Perhaps she is best explained by what's written on the back of the Pentacles of Life album:

I burn my past disasters by blood filled candle light, I arise from the smoldering cave a new self. I embody the eternal goddess. I invoke my emerald eyed black jaguar to unfold my magical duties. I devote myself to craft and conjure what shall come. I dive into my darkness mastering the art of shapeshifting. The world is my pendulum.

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