Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye MMIX


1. ANTICHRIST - What else is there to say? The most intense movie since Saló and the most beautifully personal thing I've ever seen. This is movie-making as it's meant to be: fantastical, transportative, haunting, poetic, unnerving, and unlike anything real life has to offer.

2. IRM - Better than I could have even hoped.. I still play 5:55 all the time, but this is the sound of freedom and loving who you are and what you've been given, all done in a way that only Charlotte can.

3. ISABELLE HUPPERT, PRESIDENT OF THE JURY - I fell so hard for this woman this year, its not even funny. As President of the Jury at Cannes this year she was so regal, so elegant, and truly has the presence of no other. Easily the best actress we've ever had. Simply devastating.

4. SECRETARY OF THE STATE HILLARY CLINTON - Of course she's doing a great job like we all knew she would. This is a woman made of stone, an inspiration beyond compare: tireless, selfless, and determined. I still hang on her every word and melt every time I see her on the news or in the paper in some faraway place just doing her thing.

5. BAND OF OUTSIDERS - The obsession carried over from last year.. The overdyed oxfords still take my breath away.

6. BELLA SWAN - This was in many ways the year of Twilight for me. A little late, but I finally caught on. New Moon anticipation was crazy, and it was so worth the wait. The books are lovely; Bella and Edward are truly one of the all-time great love stories.

7. LIMA, PERU - Coastal, foggy, colorful, restorative, and so far away..

8. NIGHTY NIGHT - Julia Davis as Jill Tyrell is my favorite character in the history of all characters.

9. BON IVER - His song from Twilight and my trip back to WI were what finally sealed the deal for me on this guy. Lately he sings me to sleep.. there really are no better songwriters around today.

10. VIVIANNE'S MIDDLE EAST FOOD - For giving me something to look forward to every Thursday and still making the best meal I've ever had.

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